"There are no original ideas. There are only original people."

Barbara Grizzuti Harrison

Who Am I?

Anna, of course! (but I'm sure you inferred that from the website title)

What do I do?

Quite a bit, including a great deal of research, programming, coffee-drinking, and photography.

Why on earth do I have this website?

Why not?

Recent Blog Posts

  • Everglow


    I never did blog about the epic Coldplay concert I was able to attend last year, so I’m doing it now. First of all, it was a dark and stormy night… Really. They almost canceled the show because of the impending tornado or whatever the heck that was. Below, you’ll find a picture of a […]

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  • E-reader Fever

    Never have I had as much reading to do as in the first two weeks of my grad school career. Research papers, research papers everywhere!!! Well, not physical copies, per se, but PDFs. Which brings me to my point – all week, I’ve been pondering the impending release of several promising 13-ish-inch ereaders (one from Onyx, one […]

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    A Miraculous Musical Memory Moment

    My brain is officially spinning in a million directions because of one strange occurrence earlier this evening. There I was, driving along after a long week, when out of nowhere I blurted out the refrain of a tune I had been trying to name for months (this lovely song – “Over and Over Again” by Nathan […]

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  • Let’s Start with RedStick

    Tonight gave me a glimpse of what I’ve been missing in the gap since last year’s NIME.  Yes, tonight marked the opening of the RedStick International Festival, and quite the opening it was. Artists Evidence & R. Luke DuBois took me and the rest of the crowd on an exploration of sonic landscapes I could have […]

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    Back for NIME 2015!

    In short, I’ll be posting updates about this year’s NIME 2015 conference very soon! Stay tuned for all kinds of tidbits on experimental music and tech (starting with the fabulous RedStick Festival events beginning tomorrow). It’s gonna be great, ya’ll!

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