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NIME Themes

Each day of NIME was a completely new experience.  Paper sessions spanned from Tuesday to Thursday, and each day was divided up into smaller sessions with distinct focus areas, such as Motion and Gesture, Collaborative Music Making, Robotic Systems, Tangible Interaction / Interfaces, and plenty more. I was particularly interested in the Motion and Gesture […]

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All About NIME, Part 2 – The People

NIME’s ability to unite a variety of disciplines was clear from the moment I set foot on campus.  Among the leaders of music theory and music-making pulsed a thriving community of engineers, computer scientists, psychologists, media technologists…brought together for just a week to make sense of an ever-changing international musical landscape. NIME’s international diversity was perhaps even more striking. […]

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All About NIME, Part 1 – Welcome to Goldsmiths

Goldsmiths, University of London was this year’s NIME host.  Getting off the train at New Cross Station, I was greeted by an eclectic array of students, professors, and citydwellers buzzing about a typical day on a college campus. But Goldsmiths was anything but typical.  The main streets offered more than its fair share of restaurants, […]

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