Back for NIME 2015!

In short, I’ll be posting updates about this year’s NIME 2015 conference very soon! Stay tuned for all kinds of tidbits on experimental music and tech (starting with the fabulous RedStick Festival events beginning tomorrow). It’s gonna be great, ya’ll!

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Presenter Spotlight: Thor Magnussen

Anyone familiar with the concept of live coding can appreciate Thor Magnussen’s contributions to it.  Magnussen’s creation, the Threnoscope, is a program for creating and visualizing pieces of musical code. What makes the Threnoscope both practical and very fun is the ease with which its user can create, view, and change music within its interface.  Watching Magnussen’s […]

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Keynote Curiosity

As with all conferences, the keynote is the most high-anticipated event.  It’s meant to be full of inspiring quotes and powerful demonstrations of progress.  NIME, in its vein of creativity, took the keynote to a whole new level, particularly with artist Laetitia Sonami‘s performance. What started off as a calm, rehearsed “speech” became a journey […]

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