About Me

PhD Student at the University of Virginia

Researching digital tools for mental health and wellbeing

B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering

The Ohio State University

M.S. in Informatics

Indiana University Bloomington

I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the Ohio State University in 2016, and my Master’s degree in Informatics from Indiana University Bloomington in 2018. While at IU, I worked with Dr. Patrick Shih to study how bereaved individuals use technology to cope with complicated grief.

Currently, I am working on my PhD under Dr. Laura Barnes in the UVA Systems Engineering program. We collaborate with psychologists and other mental health experts to develop technologies to support mental health and wellbeing. From wearables for detecting early indicators of disease to online interventions for social anxiety, the Barnes Lab is always busy finding new ways to engineer better health interventions.