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A Miraculous Musical Memory Moment

By August 27, 2016No Comments

My brain is officially spinning in a million directions because of one strange occurrence earlier this evening. There I was, driving along after a long week, when out of nowhere I blurted out the refrain of a tune I had been trying to name for months (this lovely song – “Over and Over Again” by Nathan Sykes). Finally, all those post-karaoke night months spent wracking my brain, reconciled!

Due in no small part to starting to read Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks this week, I’m curious as to why, after such a prolonged period of time, I spontaneously verbalized the few key lyrics I just couldn’t seem to recall on demand.

There’s been quite a bit of research lately at the intersection of music and neuroscience on where music is stored in the brain, how we access musical memory, etc.. It’s pretty darned fascinating. In fact, the growing body of work on music and the brain is becoming hard to keep up with [ponders list of 400+ news articles, half of which are related to music / neuroscience / health]. Here’s hoping there’s something in my reading list or in Musicophilia that can explain my random musical memory.

Time to read some more.