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NIME 2014

All About NIME, Part 2 – The People

By August 23, 2014No Comments

NIME’s ability to unite a variety of disciplines was clear from the moment I set foot on campus.  Among the leaders of music theory and music-making pulsed a thriving community of engineers, computer scientists, psychologists, media technologists…brought together for just a week to make sense of an ever-changing international musical landscape.

NIME’s international diversity was perhaps even more striking.  In one day, I spoke with individuals from Greece, Germany, Norway, Finland, Great Britain, New Zealand, and the United States, among other countries. Each of them had a story, a reason for being at NIME.  Some demonstrated new or modified instruments; others explained complex algorithms and theories.

With each paper, poster presentation, demonstration, concert, and discussion, my initial impression of NIME as a “music and technology” conference transformed a bit, so that, by the week’s end, NIME (to me) had become an entire field of study into which I wanted to dive headlong.