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So after wayyyyyyy too long of a time, I’m finally back to this blog. ‘Bout time. Today’s post deals with Siri.

When I wasn’t busy forgetting that my new phone doesn’t have a headphone jack (because Apple…), I was doing something strange: saying “please” to Siri.


Because of this magical new “Hey Siri” feature. Yeah yeah, I know, Amazon Echo and similar products exist now, but I’m new to this. The fact that I can shout at my phone from across the room (er, a few feet away, maybe) and it (she?!) responds is enough to make me want to be nice to Siri. She’s putting up with all my commands at whim. I guess the least I can do is ask things politely.I want her to stick around for awhile.

But seriously…Does hands-free interaction make us more likely to be polite? Is Siri suddenly more human to me? I’m unsure.

Maybe I should ask Siri…

This is weird territory, my friends.